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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Has this ever happened to you?

Has this ever happened to you? You think that timeā€”no, days have past when really you've just slept a few hours?

Shortly after my post I went to work like any other Thursday (only really late), got there, and it was closed. Strange, only not to the security guard who assured me it was a Sunday. And it is a Sunday. I quickly hailed the first yellow car I saw and hopped it, never once glanced at the driver, never looked out the window, never took my eyes off my feet. Though when I heard the dispatcher's voice on the radio, I recognized it as King's. Don't ask me how or why, I just know it was him.

But I can remember the last 4 days vividly, really. I know that Monday I had lunch with Tom at Bojangles. And know that yesterday Boris was wearing an ugly yellow tie and it made me laugh. I remember it all and yet, it never existed, at least according to the my calendar and the rest of the world.


At 3:49 PM, Blogger tom stewart said...

no, that's never happened to me.

we haven't lunched or shot the shit in days. you need to call me. seriously.


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