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Saturday, October 28, 2006


I've figured it out. This is all some sort of elaborate marketing campaign. It has to be, that's why I'm seeing Stephen King all the time. Because it's in promotion of his new book.

Take a look at what I came across while Googling Stephen King sightings:

No, it's not more sightings, though I'm sure theirs been plenty. But King just released a new book. When? October 24th, the day this all started happening.

I don't know how much money those fucking publishers have to send out look alikes everywhere, but I can see why. Not going out tonight, Tanya and I are watching movies.

Didn't go out last night either, another Tanya night. Luckily, she looks nothing like Stephen King. Haha. That felt nice. Anyway, I guess I'm tossing Halloween parties out the window this year. Oh well, not really in the mood and neither is Tanya.


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